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 The Valborg Choir International         

The Valborg Choir International is a joint project of the Valborg Choir (The Netherlands), the Incanto Choir in Bern (Switzerland) and groups of singers from Germany, Finland and France.

The origin              
The work
of Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström has led, among others, to a yearly 'Sänger-Treffen' in Eckwälden in Germany. This is an international meeting for singers and others who work, inspired by her vision.
From this group of people originated in 1992 the initiative which led to the foundation of the United Choir (which is named now the Valborg Choir International).

The cooperation            
The Valborg Choir International counts about 80 singers and is directed by Árpád Schermann. The singers have different nationalities. The Dutch group (The Valborg Choir) is also directed by Árpád Schermann. The Finnish group is directed by Janneke Moes. The Swiss group (the Incanto Choir) and the French group are directed by Marianne Prato.
The different groups partly tune their activities to each other. This enables them to perform from time to time collective study, rehearsals and performances. From the summer of 1993 these initiatives led to a number of concert tours through Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands and Switzerland.
The Swiss press wrote about the final concert in Interlaken with the headline 'Sternstunde Vollendeten Singens'
(A heavenly hour of complete Singing). It was for many people surprising to experience the different and new spectrum of sound qualities, enabled by the 'School for Uncovering the Voice'.  Singers and audience were confirmed in their search.

The Valborg Choir International has, among many other works, performed:

Vespers (S. Rachmaninoff)                
 Sävel en Auringon Noustessa (T. Kuula)                     
 Missa Brevis (Z. Kodály)                     
 Requiem (W.A. Mozart)                     
 Ein Deutsches Requiem (Joh. Brahms)                     
Mass in As (Franz Schubert)